We require all applicants to dress smart. This means no Jeans or tracksuits. Our dress code during working hours is smart so we require all applicants to dress the same.
This is determined by the vacancy you have applied for. The shortest interviews will be 30 minutes. Some could take up to an hour.
All sales and service applicants must take a short English and Math test before the interview commences. Other roles within the business may have a competency test before the interview commences.
This will depend on the role you have applied for. Usually it will involve a short telephone interview from the head of the department or head of recruitment. If successful you will be invited to an interview. This will be with 2 people. The head of recruitment and the head of the department you have applied for.
You will not need to bring anything with you unless asked to do so at the time of confirmation.
When you arrive at the head office, Security will advise you were to park and which building to go to. You will need to go to the second floor and press the intercom for Cruise118. A member of staff will then take you to the necessary department.
This depends on the role you are applying for. Sales and service do require experience but it is not always necessary. Some of our top performing concierge have been fresh in to the industry.
The business is operational from 9am to 9pm Monday to Sunday. Hours will vary depending on the role you have applied for.
We are looking for enthusiastic, dynamic, committed people to take our company forward. You need a passion for the role, teamwork, pride and to perform with velocity.

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